The Products

Ewe's milk coagulated by the flower of the thistle and the action of salt. This is the simple recipe of Serra da Estrela cheese Quinta de São Cosme.

Serra da Estrela cheese Quinta de São Cosme fulfils the unique and genuine tradition of Serra da Estrela cheese. It is a semi-soft, buttery cheese obtained by slow draining of the curd and gestation lasting up to 45 days.

Its habitat of provenance is made up of the 18 municipalities along the Mondego river. It has a low cylinder size and weighs between 500 grams and 1.3 kg.

The Farmhouse

Quinta de São Cosme has been in the market for over 25 years, and its mission is to preserve the characteristics of the Serra which have made it justly famous worldwide.

Located in Vila Nova de Tázem, municipality of Gouveia, this family production unit, which maintains the tradition of handmade production, has been awarded national and international prizes for the excellence and quality of the artisan Serra da Estrela cheese.

The Production

Made with milk from Serra da Estrela or Churra Mondegueira sheep and coagulated by the action of the cardoon flower and a little salt.

This produces a buttery cheese, white or yellowish in colour with few or no eyes, obtained by slowly draining the curds.

Its gestation period is 30 to 45 days, and it reaches us with 500 g to 1.3 kg. Its habitat of origin covers the 18 municipalities along the Mondego River, and it has a low cylinder shape, with a moisture content of 66 to 69% and fat in the dry matter between 45 and 60%.

The Region

Located in the central interior of Portugal, this beautiful area called Serra da Estrela is a National Park. It is a wonderful place to explore. Ravines, escarpments and natural waterways, make this place ideal for walking or off-road driving.

In winter, this magical region transforms into a realm of resplendent whiteness. Serra da Estrela is the only region in Portugal with trails and routes covering the entire area of the Natural Park.


Quinta de São Cosme

Vila Nova de Tázem
6290 - 632 Vila Nova de Tázem
Tel: (+351) 238.487.167